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September 14, 2009



Very interesting topic Jamey. In my global and contextual studies class today, we studied the art of creating Contextual Gathering.

The idea is that as ministers of the Gospel, we communicate effectively by Empowering Seekers through offering a chance for their own Natural Expression.

(Keep in mind this was a missions oriented class), but this entails haring the Gospel to unbelievers through: their scriptures, their language, their cultural style of gathering, their songs, their food

Honestly, our discussion reminded me a lot of the After Hours Experience...props to you!

The goal of our teaching was a model for Planting Contextually Relevant Churches. For those of us ministering in Minneapolis, I believe the principles translate to our context very easily.

Great exploration!


Brian Leafblad

Depends on what kind of Wow experience you are after! If you are genuinely seeking a Wow experience that fundamentally changes the people that experience it, then it must have FEEL.

Freedom - people have to be freed from the chains that bind them, that limit their fully giving themselves over to what God is doing in the moment. If they are chained up when they come, their experience will be muted until they are freed.

Encounter - it must be a real and genuine encounter with God. If it's all about the show, then the Wow will be temporary and shallow. Whatever pieces we put into place must enable God to work as He sees fit, not on our agenda. An experience is one level, an encounter is even deeper.

Expression - God made us to interact with Him. We can't just take in, we have to give back out. The more people participate rather than just observe, the deeper the experience. Draw people out. Enable and encourage them to express themselves.

Lasting - the effect must last longer than the experience itself. If the experience is just a one time thing, then it won't be much of a wow. It must be part of a process, something that leaves us craving to experience God again and again and again. Something that shows us there is more to be had, that keeps us coming back for more. It can't be the end, but part of the path.

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