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February 08, 2011



I LOVE This post! I'm a Tabatha Salon Takeover fan and I never put the church and her together. My background has been mostly corporate and I have thought.. wouldn't it be hilarious if a woman like this came into a company and took over for a week! It would be so great to see this take place in the church. I'm a prodigal daughter so my re-entry into church 8 yrs ago prompted me to ask alot of questions. (Apparently not a popular thing to do in churches) I once asked a pastor what was the purpose of the adult single ministry and pretty much got a blank stare. I asked because if I got invited to one more coffee outing (I love my cafe con leche)and a volleyball game I was going to scream! I was getting bored, restless and was searching for purposeful ministry. Don't get me wrong I love fellowshipping. But something was off balance. I'm already single, I know how to always think about me, myself and I. Why not help teach single adults a bit on refocusing off of themselves and putting their gifts/talents to work for God in areas they are passionate about? Don't get me started on the women's ministry with scrapbooking. Are we really all expected to scrapbook? I may launch Fingers Glued Together unite (FGT) Anti scrapbooking ministry. LOL God Bless!

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